Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Tapes

IF06 REMNANTS - "DECAYED TONES" c26 Edition of 50
Second release by this Brooklyn based project. Blown-out synth and tape manipulations evolve at a glacial pace, often transitioning from excessive low-end to sweeping high-end before fading off.  

IF07 REMNANTS- "Vision Being"  c24 Edition of 50
Two side long recordings of recent vocal-based drone experiments. Passages consist of mangled gregorian chants, field recordings and feedback loops all sifted through a pair of contact mics. There are no synths on this tape.

IF08 EARTHEN SEA "Waves" c30 Edition of 100
The first new release by San Francisco's Jacob Long (ex Mi Ami, Black Eyes) in nearly four years. "Radiation" is classic Earthen Sea- pure tone, sustained keyboards, a meditative monolith. On "Ocean / Stormy"  things begin to change, lush keyboards give way to lo-fi field recordings. Pacific waves glisten in the sun just as the storm beings to hit...

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