Friday, April 23, 2010

April Releases

 IF03- Remnants "Skeptics" c30 Edition of 50

Slow transforming keyboard oscillations weave and pulsate on themselves. At times both light and spacious and at other times straight up sinister. 

"Skeptics is a bit hard to put your thumb on an overall sound and feeling for the release when contrasting either side. The first side is warm but rather dreary. It’s not too dark, but certainly not a bright, feel good sound. Overall, it’s rather melancholy with slow moving synth drones that throb around and through one another. The second side takes a rather different sound, starting off very distorted and somewhat abrasive while some brighter synth sounds slowly break through, until a mash of fluttering sounds fully penetrate and then subside once again. Both sides show different sounds, but in my ears, they both maintain a certain melancholy feel, which I think lends itself as a great quality to the release. The artwork is interesting, looking like astral charts or something of the sort." - Holidays Review


IF03- Santorum "Santorum I" c20 Edition of 50
Dark minimal analog synth drones.Your warped fragmented dreams are now real.

"Santorum I is nothing but criminally short 20 minutes. Just as you could expect from the artwork, which features dark image of a woman just standing on some stairs, the music is dark and lonely, promoting feelings of gloom and uncertainty. The first side may be the gloomiest of the two. It’s like a slow churn through an tenebrous passage to which there’s no expiration aside from the physical end of the tape. The second side isn’t as gloomy as its predecessor, but it doesn’t come as much of a revival in feelings, as it’s more of a slow drift, sounding rather dismal, and once again, melancholy. Overall, it creates a wonderful conclusion for once again, criminally short tape. I suppose it may be a good thing, because I’ll certainly be looking forward to Santorum II. Both of these tapes were a bit low-spirited in sound, but done so well. It’s certainly lonely music for lonely people. Essential late night drive or reclusive tunes that are worthy of many listens in the future, as well as anticipation for future sounds from both artists, and label." - Holidays Review